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Yesterday I was craving chicken soup from my favourite Vietnamese place on Barkley Street. You know, when you have been sick, and there is only one thing in the whole world that you want and you just have to have it.

After heavily debating the hassles of parking anywhere near Barkley St vs the comfort of chicken soup I decided to give it a go. Maybe the gods would smile on me and I would find a park somewhere in the general area.

So I hopped in the car and drove over. The gods didn't smile on me. The gods in fact smoted me. Severe smoting at that. Not only was there no parking, the entire street was closed to traffic due to roadworks. The entire area was a bumper-to-bloody-bumper traffic nightmare.

Woe, was indeed poor little me.

My soup plans were thwarted all day. In fact all my plans were thwarted as though somewhere in the universe there was a big plan-thwarting machine aimed squarely at my head.

I had another date with the Nice Guy (from a week ago). Many plans were thwarted in the process but we ended up meeting. Then for the ultimate thwart. The big chunky hunk a' thwart meat in the giant thwart sandwich.

Well we are friends. Friends is good.

I called around to visit friends for a post-bad date - mortem. We watched Swept Away, a great pos-thwart movie. It is great to know that no matter how low you sink you are still many notches above anyone who thinks Madonna can act.

Got home (via breathalyser... woohoo, hadn't been drinking) and spend an hour or so chatting to NG online. A nice, friendly chat. Just as he was about to sign off I made some cheeky comment. As I was about to elaborate I got kicked out of msn and, when I signed back in, he was gone. Said comment now looked more pissy than cheeky. I sent him an explanatory email so hope it is clear.

The rest of the night, or morning as it ended up being, was spent chatting to my sister about committing a master crime and going underground to live at the Chelsea Hotel with a taxidermed Courtney Love. It made sense at 4 o'clock this morning.

24 hours and still no chicken soup.

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