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Yesterday my heart was broken.

I walked into Ticketek on a golden cloud, heart racing about to purchase my White Stripes tickets.


Crack goes my heart. "Your fucking joking, aren't you?" I say but my little face crumples because he doesn't look like the type of man who kids around.

Last night was spent in recriminations and self-flagellation. I should have gone earlier, but my car isn't working too well and I had to go into the city later anyway. I should have a functioning credit card. I shouldn't have kept myself holed up inside where this kind of information doesn't penetrate, although being a member of TWS mailing list and getting information about gigs in every other frigging city in the world you would think I would have known about this one before the tickets went on sale.

The only glimmer of hope is that they announce a second show or we can get tickets somewhere, somehow.

I am extra doubly mad at those people who had tickets for sale on ebay last night. Fair enough, if you can't make it to an event and you need to sell off your tickets, but these people are just horrid scalpers, buying up tickets and preying on the needs of those less fortunate. I want to hurt them.

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