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I am in love with this Spring weather. It makes everything seem better.Even not working is so much better when it's sunny. Who wants to work on a lovely Spring day anyhow?

I have been getting things done. The desk that I started sanding and repainting over 12 months ago is now painted. Because I used milk paint from Porters Paints I successfully procrastinated for a record amount of time. My problem is that I am a Virgo so I demand perfection of myself but I have a slackarse rising so I can't give it. Plus the paint had to be measured out and mixed up... to much work. But now it's done... woohoo... I just need to sand it back a little and wax it now.

I have been exercising. Today I just might go swimming.

Yesterday I got some heavenly make at home chai tea from T2 (thanks to Pete). If you have even a passing interest in tea then the T2 shop in Brunswick St is a must visit. I had seen the cannisters of the regular teas in coffee shops before but didn't realise just how huge the T2 range is. I also got a rose tea to try. Yum.

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