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I have been posting some of my writing on a critiquing site. Today I got some feedback that really threw me. The words "insipid" and "trivial" were used. He called my characters "twits".

I am not happy. To me that isn't even constructive criticism, it is just making a judgement with nothing to back it up (there was nothing to back it up.. no concrete examples or reason why he thought this).

Man, some people just like to tear you down.

(ps. if you want to send me a very sympathetic message to help repair my shattered ego then you can email me at kathrynoh at hotmail dot com since my comments aren't working)

I am starting to wonder what value there is in laying work open for the general public to review when it isn't finished. It is rare to get any insightful feedback. People seem to think that plotting out the next chapter for you is a form of critiquing. Other comments included telling me to add speech tags to every line of dialogue in the chapter, every single line of dialogue that is. Yikes.

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