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I'm giving up. I primped and plucked. I painted my face and curled my hair. And still no good. It is just impossible to get a decent licence photo.

I am sure the sadist staff at Vicroads just wait until you have some stupid expression on your face. I mean, they could help out a bit. What's wrong with saying "hey, look up a bit...you look at bit chinny" or "fix your hair"? What's wrong with having a handy mirror to check things?

If I worked as the photo girl at Vicroads I would take pride in my work. I would be "smile sweetie, smile... that's it...yeah baby... the camera loves you...now pout...yeah honey show me some skin".

Yeah the world might know you as Mildred McFusty but on your licence you're just another 62 year old sex kitten.

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