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::11.9.03:: Jobs and things

Didn't make it to meet the guy for coffee... the hairdressers took longer than I thought. They couldn't highlight my hair without bleaching it first. That's what happens when you have black hair. He emailed me before I got a chance to ring and explain. Eagerness - I like that in a man.

The money woes are lessening. I got a week long temp assignment next week. Nothing exciting but better than a spell in debtor's prison. I have also got the possibility of a 3 month assignment.

On top of that I got a call back about another job. I applied for a programming job, didn't like the company (very small company with a snarly md), had to sit a written exam which included having to write code - something I can't do on paper. Even using the language I worked on for six years I couldn't do that (and this was VBA programming, not the very obscure and not-in-demand langugage where my expertise lies). Things like names of functions just don't stick in my head and I figure why remember that shit when I know what it is and where to look it up.

Thinking that I bummed out on the exam, I expected to never hear from them again. I must have dazzled them with my very articulate explanation of normalisation and why you use it. Never thought those first year uni classes would have such a practical use.

Now they want me to go in for a day's paid work experience/tryout. They had told me about that in the interview and it seems quite sensible. In a small company, it is as important to have compatible personalities as it is to have the right skills. Trouble is I don't want the job. More trouble is, I applied through job network so can't just tell them I don't want it in case my dole gets cut off.

Fingers crossed I get the three month job and it won't be an issue.

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