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Oh I've been living in a fool's paradise. I need to work. I can't sit around enjoying the sunshine. There is a gap betwen bills to pay and money to pay them that stretches around the block, detours into the chicken shop for a "middle" chips, rents some videos then heads on over the West Gate Bridge. Woe is yet again me.

Some updates...

White Stripes Update -- the story so far is thus, I missed out on buying tickets by about half hour because of my own stupid procrastination. This sent me into a spiralling pit of despair until I realised I could get tickets to see them in Adelaide, thereby getting a road trip in the bargain (shit, damn need to get the car serviced also). This, of course, left me in a state of bliss.

The Latest I put a message on the White Stripes message board asking if anyone had spare tickets not thinking anyone would answer. I had completely forgotten about this message until yesterday when I got an email from a girl in Brisbane who had 2 tickets going to waste for the Melbourne show. I told that nanna voice* in my head to shut up and I deposited $140 in her bank account. As soon as I did it the nanna voice was back saying 'what the hell have you done? Sent $140 to a stranger from the internet, only knowing her first name (which isn't necessarily her actual first name) and her hotmail account, for god sake.

Well the tickets turned up today. Way to go, faith in human nature!

* Note: usually that nagging voice is a real live mum voice but in this case she was the 'send her the money, it's the white stripes, you gotta go' voice.

Internet dating update I would link back to the original posts if I wasn't a slack arse but anyway, here goes. A while ago I invested a substantal amount of emotional energy and hopes and dreams in an internet relationship. I never met the guy. Everytime we were supposed to met he had some excuse like falling off the roof. Third time he cancelled a date I started asking the hard questions and he disappeared *poof* into thin air.

The latest Got a message from him today saying he hadn't contacted me because his mobile phone got nicked. Well and good. What about email? What about msn? Seems his company had an internet ban for the past month or so. Yeah, I come to town on the last turnip truck.

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