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::25.9.03:: Things I hate. A lot.

1. Bigpond

Ahhhh! My Bigpond adsl connection stopped working on Monday. I have rang at least once a day since then. I get told my problem has been esculated in the queue and should be fixed within 24-48 hours. Every frigging day.

Yesterday I got told my call would be terminated if I didn't watch my language. The call centre operator told me that he wasn't there to be abused. Yeah, I said, you are there to help and you aren't frigging helping. Normally I am very nice to people on the other side of the phone, having been there myself, but yesterday I was so frustrated and the call centre guy was so smarmy and patronising that I just snapped.

It didn't help.

To make matters worse, I have to pay for this non-existant service. Tonight I was told that they would take my problem out of the queue and fix it, to turn off my modem and computer and turn it on half hour later. I think that translates to "my shift finishes soon so I'll be out of here before you call back." It still isn't working.

Finally I called my old dialup ISP to see if I could get online temporarily. My account with them was still functioning so it was easy as pie. I told the guy about my issues with Bigfraud and he said they have broadband access. Cheaper than Bigpond. With one lovely man who has always fixed all my problems efficiently, cracks jokes and remembers my name every time I call. Woohoo!

2. Men

Men suck. Apologies to any guys reading this that aren't morons.

If you sleep with a guy and he calls you before lunch the next day, wanting to see you again, in the international language of calling, that means he is interested. So I thought. No, apparently not.

Yesterday I was reading "The Rules for Internet Dating", written by the people who wrote that book "The Rules" a few years ago. It is all about acting cooly aloof and letting men make the first moves and all that guff. And you know, in your heart, that it is going to work. You can hope and wish that men aren't that stupid, but they are. You act uninterested and they come flocking. You show one little sign of caring and they scatter.

I was seriously comtemplating following "the rules", well as much as I could remember from a read in Borders' cafe then I thought do I really want to get involved with a man that falls for all this shit. I mean, they are going to be falling for a non-demanding, non-pushy, non-smutty version of me. It just isn't going to work.

By the way, why is ok for a guy to call, sms, email, carrier pigeon messages at least once a day wanting to see you but the minute you mention wanting to see him then you, as a woman, are pushy and demanding?

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