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Things that bugged me this weekend:

1. Rent inspection: The owner of my house decided to come along with the real estate agent. She got here early, disturbing me from some interesting online chatting, so I had to make small talk until the agent got her. Fun.

She is such a niggling bitch. One of those people who makes a major issue out of every frigging little thing that is wrong but dismisses my valid points. She wants us to take showers with the window open. They have mentioned this before. I let her know that the chances of it happening in our unheated bathroom in winter are exceedingly slim.

The screens were off the windows. Of course I did that. I do it for kicks, you know. Remove window screen parties -- woohoo!

Then there was something wrong with the hot water cyclinder. I don't know what. They wouldn't tell me. They organised a plumber without consulting me then told me that I had to be here or I would be charged for it.

I think another curt letter needs to be written.

2. Men: More specifically guys who ask you leading questions then back down when you answer. What the hell is with that? You would assume that, by asking the question in the first place, they are interested.

3. Everyone else: Well not everyone, but all my friends that are interstate/overseas leave me with nothing to do for the weekend. I don't handle boredom well.

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