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Today I culled my photo collection from the last couple of years. It takes a particular mindset to do that.

I don't know about anyone else but the thought of throwing out photos is a taboo area for me. They are "Memories". You can't just toss memories in the bin even if you can't remember what the photo is of. Even if the photo is one more Lomo shot of "pretty lights".

I panic that I might need that photo one day. Heaven forbid that one day I am required to have 60 photos of my dog running on the beach and I only have 59.

But today I was strong. I was hard of heart and tough of mind. I bought an ubergroovy little photo box from Smiggle and I was going to fit all my photos in it, regardless. If the photo evoked no emotion, triggered no memory or recorded nothing significant it went straight in the bin.

Halfway through, the thought occured to me that maybe I should save the reject photos in case I needed them for a future craft project. I slapped myself real hard and got back to work.

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