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Today I have to go to the hairdressers then to meet up with a guy for coffee. How do you dress for that? I tend to wear crap clothes to the hairdressers just in case there is a nasty dye accident - I know that isn't likely but have been traumatised by the stint I had working at a hairdressers. Sure I was only doing reception until the fatal day I had to touch someone's hair. That freaked me out. Hair is a personal thing, you know. I don't want to be touching it. And sure it was only water, but it could have been dye. If they let me touch the hair dye.

Maybe I should take the chance and wear something nice.

The bigger dilemma is -- hair -- what to do? I like black. I have been doing the black thing for a while. Maybe I'm over it. But it is a strong colour, a defining colour. I was veering toward a nice, rich chocolatey brown but I like a statement colour. Statement colours are black, white and red-red. Nobody will ever dye my hair white so maybe red-red? Maybe black-red?

On the other hand, something less severe might be kinder on my age-worn face. It's my birthday next week so I have to start thinking about these things.

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