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Today is my birthday. It has been a sucking birthday. Firstly I had to go to the dole office before work to sort out my payments. I got there early and waited outside then, about 5 seconds before they opened the door, about 10 people turned up and barged through the doors. Bastards.

Today at work was ok.

After work I was supposed to be having work with a guy. Met a guy on Friday, arranged to meet him again next Friday. He has phoned or sms-ed or emailed every day since, wanting to met him sooner. Finally, last night, I agreed to met him for a drink after work tonight. He was going to send me an sms today to arrange it.

I didn't hear from him. Rang him after work and his phone was turned off. What's a girl to think except that he has met someone who was willing to give him what I wasn't giving him... well good riddance. But annoying nonetheless.

Then, and this is a biggy, a hugey in fact. Because some dickbrain gunman holes himself up in his car on the Westgate Freeway, I had to spend a whole hour crawling home inch-by-inch along Footscray Road on my birthday despite leaving work half hour early to avoid peak hour traffic. What a selfish inconsiderate arsehole. I am so angry. He is still holed up in his car. I am tempted to storm through the road block, pull him out of the car, bitch-slap him to within an inch of his life and tell him "don't ever do this in peak hour again." Then giving him a kick in the goolies for good measure.

Then I cooked myself dinner and ate it on my own. Now I'm not eating my invisible cake.

Poor sad me.

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