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Damn exercise. Today I decided to go for a power walk for half hour. I set off with my walkman and all my other necessities. I walked my walk and got home to discover I had forgotten the most necessary necessity of them all -- the house keys.

I tried the windows but they were all securely locked. Andrew had gone to stay at a friend's house and I wasn't sure what time he would be home. I debated waiting for him or trying to get a spare key from the real estate agent. I curled up on the couch in the backyard and had a little doze while I pondered this.

An hour later I woke up. Andrew still wasn't home. For all I knew, he had decided to stay over an extra night and had left a message on the answering machine to tell me this.

I tried ringing directory assistance to get the number for the real estate agent. Can't use directory assistance on my mobile. Damn, piece of shit phone. Finally got hold of someone who could get me the number -- good ole mum. After much palaver, the girl at the RE agent said yes they did have some spare keys.

I walked to the agents. Not an easy task after a very strenous power walk. Picked up the keys, plus a yummy cheese roll from the Vietnamese bakery and decided to catch the train that one little stop because my legs were very sore. Oh yeah, it wasn't just the power walk that stuffed me but yesterday's power walk and the several hours of intensive gardening on the weekend. All up a record amount of leg usage in the last few days.

I had to wait about 15 minutes for the train. I could have walked home in that time but at least I got to sit down. Finally got to my station and Andrew gets out of the carriage behind mine. I knew he would be on that train, nothing surer.

From the time I left home until the time I got inside, it took me about 4 hours. No wonder people say they don't have time to exercise.

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