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I am not sure about posting a link to my prize winning erotic story or not. I feel kinda embarassed about people, especially people I know reading it, except my sister who proofed it for me. Oh, and a few guys for technical details (it is from a male point of view). Not that they gave me much help. Damn men.

It is a rather explicit story. I will ponder on this for a while because it isn't live for a while yet. In the meantime I have to think of a "juicy" title. Sometimes that is harder than actually writing the story.

This prize has had me thinking about other prizes I have won in my life. I have only ever won a few things through my own ability (as opposed to luck or writing something in 25 words or less).

When I was in grade four I won a prize for reading. This was the only prize I ever won in school, which is surprising because I was far above everyone else in my class when it came to academic achievement (humble, aren't I? But it was a small country school so that wasn't hard). It seemed that the prizes for subjects in which I excelled went to those who tried hard or improved most while in other subjects the prizes went to the achievers. Of course, my teachers all hated me because I was such a smart arse.

I won a prizes for my tea cake in the CWA junior baking competition. Speaking of which I haven't made a tea cake in years. Tea cakes rock.

Other prizes of note include a Villeroy & Boch teaset. At the time I was living in Tasmania and really wanted to go to Melbourne for a holiday. I entered every competition in every magazine that involved being flown to Melbourne to collect the prize. I ended up paying for the holiday myself and came home to find the teaset (second prize in one of the competitions) waiting for me. I have never used it, but carted it from house to house still in the boxes. Who has tea parties nowadays? Maybe me, with a big teacake.

When I was three I won a load of wood in a raffle. I don't really remember it much.

When I was ten I won a jewellery box on a chocolate wheel. I had a childhood friend who was thin and blonde and lucky (I learnt that you can love someone as a friend while hating their guts at a very early age). Every time she bought a ticket on the chocolate wheel she won. Seriously. She ended up being banned from the chocolate wheel. This was when I was about 8 or 9. My life's dream was to win a prize on the chocolate wheel. Finally I did it. I won. But all I got was that jewellery box. I didn't get blonde or thin or lucky.



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The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it.


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