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::14.10.03:: Things I hate about temping (possibly part 1)

1. When your agency rings you up to let you know about this "exciting and challenging" position and when you start the job it is doing frigging data entry. Why can they just say the job is doing data entry and it is going to be one of the most mindboggling boring jobs of your life? That you can think "well I loathe data entry, but I loathe not eating more" and agree to something, knowing what you are letting yourself in for.

The agency will say "we need someone with Excel skills" or "this is a job where you can use your Access skills" but the bottom line is doing data entry into Excel or Access is still just doing data entry.

2. Anyone who calls you "The Temp". Extra bad if they say it to your face. Extra, extra bad if they say it to someone else with the intention that you hear.

3. People who ignore you when you greet them because you are "only a temp". How frigging rude! Especially when it is your supervisor. How frigging hard is it for someone to smile or say good morning? Like it would kill them. It's not like they have ask you home for a roast dinner or something.

4. Never knowing what coffee mugs are safe to use. Going for the grungiest, most generic mug in the cupboard so that you don't accidentally pick up someone's treasured mug they left in the kitchen.

5. Having everyone else going off for a team morning tea and not being asked to join.

6. Being shoved in a back corner and forgotten.

7. Having everyone piss off early on a Friday afternoon without you realising and not being able to get your timesheet signed so you end up getting paid late.

8. Having your agency lose your tax file declaration form so you have to pay tax at the top rate.

9. Having your agency then explain that it is ok because you can get the excess tax back at the end of the finanical year.

10. Being told the above in frigging JULY!

11. Being chastised for taking time off work (which is, of course, unpaid time) to go to a doctor's appointment you have been trying to get for months, rather than cancel and go to the bottom of a very long waiting list.

12. Not being told that Friday is casual day.

13. Not being able to make the most of days you aren't working because you might be called in to work.

14. Having to go to an interview, at great inconvenience, for a 2 week job (this has happened to me on at least half a dozen occasions).

15. Being send on an assignment with someone who is unskilled because you have the skills needed to do the job, even though you are both getting paid the same rate. Yes, very cheap way to get training for other temps.

16. Having to hover around door ways to be let in the building because they are "still working' on getting you a swipe card.

I think that is enough venting for now. I need a real job. I need a real paypacket too.

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