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Well it seems it is all my fault that the hot water hasn't been fixed. I was on the phone during the five minutes that the real estate agent was trying to call on Friday afternoon. Which is an obvious sign that I wanted to spend the weekend without hot water.

Tonight I grabbed my toiletries and headed down to the pool. Had a nice swim -- well 6 laps before this fit little puppy was beat -- followed by a long, hot shower.

Normally I would be the first person to rant about the hideous lack of decorum if I saw someone shaving their legs in a public shower, but I needed it. I went to Girls Day Out at Jeff's shed yesterday and the lovely boys at the Schick stand were shaving legs but it was so busy only got the front of one legs shaved.

There is something wildly decadent about having a cute boy shave your leg for you though.

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