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I feel drab today. I think I need to vent about some of things that are irritating the fuck out of me lately:

* being cyber-rejected... by guys who disappear off my messenger list when I come online. Ok, it was only one guy and he might have a good reason, he seemed interested enough when I met him last week, but it still shits me.

* frigging people who stand around chatting in the aisles in shops. Go to a goddamn cafe if you want to talk, instead of in my way.

* the two people, on two separate occasions, in the toilet cubicle next to mine chatting on their mobile phones. I am scared to think that these people exist in my world.

* people who think they are so goddamn polite by letting drivers that sneak down the outside lane into traffic ahead of them, when I have been sitting in the sun for far too long

* everyone and everything. I think I need a good nap.

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