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::5.11.03:: Sex...

My smut peddling prize arrived today...well didn't exactly arrive. I went to the post office to see what had happened to it and they found it out the back. Said they had carded it on 24/10. I told them I received no card. Ms Aust Post tells me, 'well you live in X street, it was probably stolen'.

It is so reassuring to know that Australia Post are well aware of the mail problems in this street. They might do jack shit about it but at least they know.

On a happier note, my prize consisted of a polariod camera and film and a variety of sex toys. Including a rubber ducky... gives a whole new meaning to that song from Sesame Street. I was going to say I now have vibrators coming out my arse but that could be taken far too literally.

Oh and my nanowrimo profile is here with a pretty tame excerpt from the novel (not) in progress.

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