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When I checked out my stats today I noticed a huge jump in the number of visitors. Seems lots of people have been checking out my nanowrimo profile. If you are a nanowrimo person, leave me a comment -- let me know how the writing is going.

My novel, well I got off to a flying start on the weekend and intended to keep it up over the public holiday, but I think I have hit the wall. I did spend most of yesterday typing up documents at work so a long session on the computer was the last thing I wanted when I got home.

The other thing is, writing smut, well sometimes you just aren't in the mood, you know.

Today I have Cup Day BBQ Frivolities on the agenda. At the moment I have hat dilemmas. God I own a lot of hats. Never wear them, just own them. I don't know whether to go over the top with this huge, extravagent number -- basically a big square that is curved up at the front -- I bought in Bali years ago (and had to wear on the plane because my luggage was chockas) or the simple elegance of the '20s style cloche hat. Another option is the black felt hat with tulle and big (plastic) gems around the crown... the tulle flows down to a veil at the back. I got that one at Disneyland.

The other problem is then co-ordinating an outfit to the hat. Nothing looks worse than a hat just bunged on top of your head with no regard to the rest of the look. If you are going to wear a hat then you have to have the whole look.

I have seen race goers milling around Flinders Street Station in say a red and black hat whilst wearing a beige outfit. Wrong. So wrong. The hat should never be an afterthought. Wearing a hat is a pretty major statement so the rest of the outfit needs to be planned around it.

Those rules don't apply to baseball caps.

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