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Front gardens are a strange thing when you think about it. I mean, you have your home which is your own private space to hide away from the world then you have the front yard which, in most cases, is like the bridge between private and public, between you and the world.

I was thinking about this the other day walking down a suburban street to get some lunch. If the front garden is our public persona then what does it say about us?

It seems most people stick to a rigid formula... a bit of lawn with flower beds around the edges and maybe a tree in the middle. Are most people afraid to express more than that?

Maybe it's some kind of suburban conforming instinct or maybe that is it just easier to maintain. Although a patch of grass can be annoying. You have to get out the mower and push it around just to have nice grass that you don't even sit on or use for anything much (try having a picnic on your suburban front lawn and watch the neighbours come out to stare).

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