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I was going to stop bitching about my money problems here, after all it doesn't make for interesting reading I can imagine, but Helen Damnation I am soooo sick of being in debt.

Since Christmas I have been doing phone psychic work as well as working full time. My mum keeps telling me the psychic work isn't really working because I am not taking calls most of the time, but it is. It really is. I don't care if I am not actually on a call - because I work on a roster that means I have 24 hours a week that I have to be at home and not on the internet or the phone (geez I wish I had my adsl connection still). It is also 24 hours a week that I can't sleep (well I do occasionally but it isn't quality sleep).

Anyway, you would think I would be rolling in clover but no. It takes several months to be paid for the phone psychic work...damn telstra.... and since I have been working, ever single person I owe money to has been crawling out of the woodwork. My gas got cut off yesterday and I can't afford to pay the bill (lucky the only things that use gas are the stove and the heater) and the banks.. man the banks...

I owed quite a bit of money on my credit card. So I did the right thing and got rid of the card and made a payment arrangement with the bank. I diligently paid my payment every fortnight then, out of the blue, they sent the debt to an agency for collection. The debt collection agency wanted an obscene amount of money as an upfront payment. I laughed. As if I would have a huge credit card debt if I had that kind of money laying around.

Eventually I explained to them that I couldn't possibly sell my car or my computer to pay them. Then they asked if I had a child. I was expecting them to ask if would sell my child to pay them (take him, take him) but no, they didn't go that far.

On top of that, and all the zillions of other debts that people keep demanding payment for, they just don't understand when I tell them that I am a temp and I don't know what my income is going to be from one week to the next.

It is like I get to the point where it is the last straw then I re-organise and readjust and find ways to make it though the month and just when I think I am dealing with things another bill comes in.

It has to end sometime. It just has to.

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