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It is a public holiday today, and the first day I have had with no work whatsoever since Boxing Day. It is such a relief. I am seriously thinking of quitting the phone pyschic job, except that I signed this dodgy contract which means basically if I quit now I won't be paid for the work I have done. It would almost be worth it though. The work drains me. Even though I don't get that many calls, I dread the phone ringing. I just can't believe how aggressive callers can be...I am just reading their cards, not making their futures.

But today has been laziness. For once I didn't have to be up early so, of course, I got up at 9.00 anyway. But it was just nice know I didn't have to be.

To help with my Financial Crisis, I am selling unwanted goods on ebay. I am starting with lingerie set I bought and never wore. It was a little too tight, so not sexy at all, and I was too slackarsed to return it for a larger size. Maybe I had optimistic visions of dieting at the time.

Other than that, I have to get my hands on a digital camera so I can take pictures of other things I want to sell. Better to get a few bucks for those clothes I never wear than have them hanging in the wardrobe.

And, while I am selling stuff -- if you are interested in (or know anyone who would be interested in) a Freedom Seattle 3 seater sofa and matching chair in a lovely green then contact me (leave a comment). It is my sister's and she left it here when she moved interstate. Now she wants to sell it and our ad in the Trading Post has had no response. She wants about $800 for it but we are very easy to bargain with. It is in excellent condition and only a couple of years old.

Well that is enough of the classifieds for the time being.

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