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::6.1.04:: New Year Reflectiony Thingies

I have been reflecting a lot on the meaning of 2004, mainly because this year sees the end of a frigging mammoth era in my life. You see at the end of this year (I guess it is really early next year but anyway) my son is old enough to leave home.

You know I have been a mother for most of my adult life, maybe not the best mother at times, but a mother nonetheless. I have always had that responsiblity for another person.

It is kinda scary but exhilarating at the same time. Next year I can do anything, live anywhere. Maybe I will keep living with Andrew but I will be doing it by choice. Of course, he is old enough now that he doesn't need much looking after. More like a flatmate except smelly and messy. No, scrape that... just like a flatmate, with the added advantage that I can ground him or cut off his pocket money if he doesn't clean up. But it does mean that I can't just take off at moment's notice to parts unknown, especially with him do the pressure-packed VCE year.

I think a lot of parents hand on too tightly to their children. I have worked with people in their 20s who live at home and can't even operate a washing machine or cook basic meals. I find that really sad. At least I know Andrew can cook and clean when he leaves home (hey, someone has to do it around here) and taught him years ago how to make a plank & brick bookcase and phonebook coffee table (those first home essentials) so I know that he can go off into the big wide world and fend for himself.

So now I have a myriad of plans for the next few years. Hopefully they will come to fruitition. Some of them are catching up on things I missed out on.. like living overseas, others are more semi-retirement (a cottage at the beach for a while).

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