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Woohoo...it's garbage night tonight. For most people that wouldn't be something to be jumping up and down in excitement over but then those people woudn't be mega drink pigs like Andrew and I are, and their kitchens wouldn't be overflowing with coke and diet coke bottles for the recycling.

Because I have hit the Diet Coke wall, I am now getting into iced teas. Not even regular iced tea but iced herbal fruit teas. They are very good and healthier too I imagine. Oh and cheaper, definitely cheaper. I got a cannister of Fruits of the Forest tea ages ago -- you know back in those days when I was working and could afford to buy tea in nice stainless steel cannisters then leave it sitting on a shelf undrunk -- that makes the best iced tea.

Other good things... I started a new temp job about a week or so ago. This was good because I thought I would not have any work over Christmas. I went in before I started to discuss the work with them and beamed confidence. I got home and crumpled, thinking there was no way I could do the work and not even sure if it was possible. This wasn't a normal typing and filing temp job but doing some VERY hardcore macro programming in MS Office.

I spent the weekend before I started with a hard knot in my stomach. But now I have started I am forging ahead, even coming up with ideas that have my boss very impressed.

New Year's Eve was a bit of a non-event. I had work that entailed me staying at home but things were so quiet that I could have been anywhere. Ok, the work is being a phone psychic...just thought I should say that so it didn't look so ominous. Only one call and that was short and (un)sweet. The caller was on the phone for about 2 minutes then cracked it because the call cost was so expensive. Like I dialled the number and forced her to call.

But yeah, garbage night... woohoo!

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