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Good news on the ebay front. The woman who sent me the wrong top is sending off the right one tomorrow and I have decided to buy the top she accidentally sent me as well. It is a cute little blue velvet singlet top from Torrid.

The other person, the one from whom I purchased the skirts, is compensating me and seeking the same from Auspost. I would rather have the skirts but it wasn't meant to be, I guess.


Have you ever tried being a home sewer (seamstress-like I mean, not a big old stinky drain)? I have decided that the only way I am going to get the skirt I want (long, black, straight, with a big mother of a split up the side) is to made the thing myself, with the help of my resident expert sew-a-rama friend.

The main problem with sewing (in the planing phase) is that you can either get the fabric you want or the pattern you want but never both at the same time. I have my pattern. I even have added extras - little straps with buckles to go above the split. But I don't have fabric. I have been to Lincraft and Spotlight without success. I feel like Goldilocks... this fabric is too thick, this one is too thin. This one is $69.99 a metre - yikes!

I thought about velvet for a while but am not sure if velvet plus leather(ish) buckles and velvet will work. Also, at Spotlight they have reasonably priced velveteen which would look alright except it is near the genuine velvet (at $20 more a metre). You look at the $10 a metre velveteen then at the $30 a metre velvet and the velveteen starts to look a little drab and stiff and plain.

So I gave up and am going to wait for the resident sewing expert to go shopping with me. In the meantime I picked up some nice lace to make a raunchy skirt and some Asian brocade trim ($1.95 a metre at Cleggs in the city - bargain).

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