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::26.2.04:: Warning: Girlie stuff

I have some kind of pregnancy paranoia at the moment. Every time I get anywhere a whiff of jism I am running to the doctors to offer up a cup o'urine. Maybe it's because Andrew has turned 17 and, like a horror story by Stephen King, the greatest danger always happens when you are almost safely home.

Today the doctor eschewed the urine and went straight for blood. I find out the news at 5.00.

If (please god please) it comes back negative ng to get my tubes tied. I would get a hysterectomy if I could. That way I would be 100% sure of never getting pregnant again. I don't trust condoms (as a birth control device anyway...safe sex is always a good thing), I forget to take the pill, I had an IUD once -- oh my god, if you ever consider having one of thosep before it's too late. My IUD was the cause of more pain than childbirth, surgery and a thousand papercuts combined. My doctor was talking about the implant but I am thinking that a permanent solution is needed here.

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