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::24.2.04:: Woe is indeed me.

I think my house was build on an ancient 'not receiving shit I've bought on ebay' burial ground or something. Firstly I bought two skirts and dutifully sent off my money. That was two and half weeks ago. The seller lives in Melbourne. I emailed the seller and she says she sent them. I have rang the post office every day and they don't have the parcel.

Note: normal people would get a card left by Auspost to advise them that they had a parcel but I don't because I live in XXX and "the cards get stolen". Leaving the card under the door is just too hard apparently.

So anyway, I made a formal complaint today. I can't do anything about the lost parcel because the seller has to follow it up at her end (which she is doing, plus she has offered me a refund which I think is very lovely of her) but I did make the complaint about the postal service here.

While chatting to the Auspost people I asked if the parcel could have been left at my door. Their response - "if the parcel won't fit in the letterbox we NEVER leave it at the door."

Ok. I got home today and there was a parcel waiting under the doormat. A big parcel with a tiny little doormat balanced on top. Note: Andrew was home all day and could have opened the door if anyone bothered to knock.

This parcel wasn't the skirts (posted in Melbourne) but my stunning gothic princess top from the US. Well it was meant to be my stunning gothic princess top but when I opened it the seller had put the wrong thing in the parcel. Instead it was a velvet singlet top. A very nice singlet top but not my gothic princess top that I have been pining for.

I am so upset. This is not a good day for me.

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