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One day you might be involved in a relationship with a man and everything looks like it is going well, very rosy indeed. In conversation with this man you might happen to mention that you are worried because you have purchased some items from Ebay and your mail services is particularly dodgy. At this point he might mention that he has a PO Box and offers to let you use it so that you received your purchases safely.

Now, this might seem like a very good offer indeed, but stop right there. This is my advice to you -- just don't do it. See, in the time between you letting your Ebay sellers know his address and your parcels actually arriving, he will unaccountably cease all communication with you.

After getting no answer to numerous emails and not having your phone messages returned, you might reasonably come to the conclusion that your purchases would be better off in the hands of Footscray's junkies.

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