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::16.3.04:: Things

1. My ebay purchases aren't as threatened as I previously thought. I contacted the sellers and both have been tardy at posting them; still no contact from my friend, except for a SMS message to say no packages had arrived for me. I am in a hundred different minds about how to cope with this situation.

2. Last night I ran into an old friend and, for maybe half a minute when we first greeted each other, it was like all the old hurts and unspoken bitter thoughts just vanished. For half a minute.

3. I have moved offices, actually moved not just changed assignment. We have moved into a new office at Docklands. When I first left home it was to go to art school in Hobart, in a new office by the wharves. This move is really taking me back to those times in many ways.

4. While my job has many advantages - free fruit, free parking, friendly people, easy work and a pay rise, my co-workers insist on listening to Nova FM. For those of you who aren't familiar with Nova, they are a plucky little radio station who insist on going to air despite only owning 3 records. Pity the 3 had to be so awful.

5. For once in my life, when things aren't going well, instead of moping around and railing against the universe, I have been doing strong and positive things. I have been trying to walk or swim everyday (although usually only manage 2-3 days a week). Last week I went to a class at my local pool called Aqua Stride. I went to this class a few times just over a year ago. I used to think it was a pretty intensive class for an aqua class, but last week I jumped out of the pool thinking I had wasted my time.

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