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When I started my new job my agency said they would negotiate a higher pay rate than the one the client was offering because they wanted me to use skills (eg. macro programming) that weren't part of the job description. I got back in touch with my agency today to see how that was going and they have told me that my employer isn't going to pay me any extra. I am pretty pissed off about this -- lured into the job under false pretences and stuff. If they think I am going to programme one goddamn thing for them then they can think again. At the hourly rate they are paying me, all programming knowledge has seeped out of my brain.

Other shitty things -- I went to the supermarket on Friday night and tried to pay for my groceries with my Visa (debit) card. I knew there was $100 in it because I had transferred it into that account a few days before and had checked my account balance via netbanking that afternoon. My card was rejected. But now I have $60 of unavaiable funds in my account. I rang my bank. They said it should all be cleared up in 5 days time. Thanks bastards. Yeah I really can afford to let my $60 sit in limbo for 5 whole days.

Good things -- I went to visit my dog today. Well my ex-dog now. She is very happy in her new home but was excited to see me. I took her to the beach for a long walk and we had quality time together.

Another good thing -- I might be having another hot date this weekend! Woohoo.

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