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The bank dramas continued today. Round One was Me vs Call Centre Guy. Call Centre Guy claimed that I was not entitled to any refund and that I should be damn grateful that the bank let me not make payments for the next 8 weeks instead. I told him that my real estate agent probably wouldn't be happy with 8 weekly installments of $50 for rent money. Then I asked to speak to CCG's supervisor. I asked, broken record style, for around 15 minutes while CCG gave me every excuse he could not to put me through.

Eventually I spoke to the supervisor, was told the decision had been made by the bank's credit department. Round 2 - the credit department said no way. I owed them and they were keeping the money. Around this time I started thing long and hard about things I could sell (Andrew's nintendo?) and basically any way I could get some fast bucks that didn't involve intimate contact with a stranger.

Round 3 - spoke to Maureen in the customer relations (ie complaints) section. Maureen told me that it was highly unlikely that I would get my refund but she would try and I would hear back late next week. Around 5.00 pm Maureen called me back and told me that I would be able to go into a bank branch and get my refund on Tuesday. She is my hero.

Easter is shaping up to be a fun weekend. I am working from home (and getting paid damn well for it too). Now that I am getting my rent money refunded this can go toward fun stuff, like other bills.

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