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::18.4.04:: Dating

I have decided that dating is a lot like clothes shopping. For the total lazy arse you can get a Mu-Mu type arrangement. It is dead easy, requires little effort, one size fits all but you really wouldn't want to be seen in it in public.

Then there is the K-Mart variety. Cheap, practical but not much to set the pulse racing. This sort usually only lasts a few months before the seams start to fray and everything starts to unravel but it does the job until then.

Of course you can go for your Myer style department store. If you put a bit of time into looking for what you really want then you can find something appropriate, that will take you from day into evening and your mum will even like it.

Then there is the designer labels - stylish , attractive and flashy but only designed to fit those with a supermodel figure.

As for me, I get the stuff off the red dot reduction rack at Savers. It might have been fantastic once but now is a bit stained and ripped, the arse is sagging and the smell of the previous owner still lingers. You think that you can fix it up and turn it into something wearable but eventually realise that it's more trouble than it's worth.

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