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I got my money refunded yesterday. I had to go into the bank branch and get it done manually. It was an arduous process, not dissimilar to childbirth, but we got there in the end.

To get back to work I had to catch the city circle tram. It was reeking with tourists. Across from me were 2 women from the US with a couple of kids. The commentary on the tram pointed out things of interest as we travelled. One of these things was the Goods Shed, apparently the longest railway shed in the Southern Hemisphere.

One of the women turned to the other and asked, "So what countries exactly are in the Southern Hemisphere?"

"Australia...New Zealand...and maybe some third world countries," her friend responded.

Then they both laughed. A lot.

I was very offended for my hemisphere. For starters they forgot all about that major land mass that is connected to their country aka South America. And, secondly, it might be ok for us to take the piss out of the whole "biggest/best/tallest/shortest/whateverest in the Southern Hemisphere" thing but it is another matter. It is like when someone from outside your family laughs at one of your family members.

Damn Yanks.

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