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::20.4.04:: I hate Tuesdays

You get over the psychological hurdle of Monday and think you are safe then Tuesday comes along to kick you up the arse.

The weekend is still not within hollering distance and the wear of the last weekend hasn't left. On Tuesdays none of your clothes match any of your other clothes and somehow all of them just aren't right. On Tuesdays the shower is never the right temperature and your skin breaks out. You can't get your hair right and your lipstick smudges.

The trains run late or there is no parking left because it is Tuesday.

Tuesday is the day before payday, when lunch is a sandwich made from day old bread dipped in cup-a-soup so it doesn't taste so hard and dry. Tuesday is Caterer's Blend coffee from the staff kitchen.

Tuesday is nothing good on television and no money to leave the house.

It is the day you get nothing but bills in the mail and your mother rings and talks and talks and talks.

No one ever says I love you or sends you flowers or rubs your back on Tuesday.

I hate Tuesdays.

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