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::25.4.04:: I heart shoes

I took my money (see below) and got me some shoes. I didn't get my big night out though because the club I wanted to go to was having a special night ... was not prepared to spend $30 just getting in the door.

Anyway was all geared up to get the Boots of my Dreams from the Very Expensive But Worth It Shoe Shop -- I have wanted a pair of lace up boots for ages. Even though they aren't trendy or cool, I would rather have something I want than a style that will be out of fashion next year. Hell when you are looking at a $385 pair of boots you want more than one season's wear out of them.

On the way to the Very Expensive But Worth It Shoe Shop I called into the Very Cheap But Hit and Miss Shoe Shop that I love. They had the same boots .. well almost the same.. for $130 so I got them plus a pair of sexy high heels and some very sensible work shoes for $200. Bargains, I love them.

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