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Some days faking your own death looks like a viable career move.

Today seemed to be going fine until Andrew rang me to tell me we had got an eviction notice. It was nothing like on Big Brother. No cheering crowds, no chatting with Gretel, no Playstations or credit cards.

I was a bit confused about the whole issue. Sure I am late with my rent (again) but I had discussed it with the real estate agent and we had come to an understanding. I went on net banking to see if I could get receipt details for evidence when I rang him.

Lo and behold, silly old me had bpayed into the wrong account. I spend the entire rest of the afternoon impersonating a ping pong ball between the bank and the wrongly paid biller and faxed my little heart out (same document about 5 times even). Neither of them wanted to be the one to give my money back. I spoke to supervisors and supervisors of supervisors, left work thinking it was resolved only to get a call on my mobile to ring again tomorrow.

Hot damn, I just might end up in front of the tv cameras after all. A Current Affair here I come.

There were one or two positives today though. I went to a preview screening of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was brilliant. I want to be Kate Winslet, she has perfect eyebrows. I also have some work lined up to do at home over Easter which will make up for having two unpaid public holidays.

...and before I forget, even more light and shade, I had lunch with a man I have been chatting to online for a while. He left without mentioning spending further time together so I assumed he wasn't interested in going any further. That put a further dampener on my afternoon. But I got home tonight and had an email saying he would like to see me again. Woohoo!

I guess when you look at the good stuff maybe faking my death can be put on hold for another day.

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