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Surely in the history of car design some bright spark could design a hatchback with a back you can close with your hands full of groceries. Hello, car designers, what do you think women use that bit at the back for?

On a cold, wet Melbourne day the last thing you want to do is be flailing grocery bags about trying to get the hatch to that point where you can push it down with bags hurling themselves around and, of course, it is always the one with the tinned food in it that hits your head.

The other last thing you want to do is put your bags down on the wet bitumen so you have your hands free. One -- the bags get wet and dirty then you take them inside and sit them on the floor and the floor gets wet and dirty. Two -- the picking up bit is the hardest bit, you don't want to pick them up from the back of the car, put them down on the ground then pick them up again.

And the last last thing you want to do is put 18 kgs of groceries in one hand so the other hand is free to push down the hatch door. I don't think I need to explain why.

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