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::17.5.04:: Update on the Video Store (from hell)

I got another phone message from the Video Store on the weekend. They thanked me for returning the dvds but said Brown Sugar wasn't in its case and could I have a look around the house for it. I don't know what the hell is going on here. At least the people using my assumed identity have returned the dvds so that is a good thing. I think I need to make a stern phone call today.

I had a fun day yesterday, spending most of it in bed with a migraine. Am still sick today and pretty much wiped out with migraine hangover. So some stupid reason I decided to get up for a few hours yesterday, mid-migraine, and do some sewing. A while back I needed a spare bed blanket and trudged around the homeware stores to discover that blankets are really expensive. So I went to Forges and got some polar fleece fabric. Ever since then I have been meaning to edge it... actually got twice what I needed so was going to stitch them together with a blanket stitch around the edge. Of course it has been sitting there, not done, for months but for some reason I felt it was imperative that I do it yesterday. Smart move, although it does look good in a rustic kind of way.

I feel bad about taking the day off work. Jeez I hate not having sick leave. But since the effort of phoning in sick was almost too much for me I decided I probably shouldn't be at work. Now I am trying to stay awake to shake off this woolly-headed feeling I have.

I have been so doppy lately.. dunno if it was the build up to the migraine or what. At work last week a full cup of coffee feel out of my hand, all over my desk. I didn't drop it, i just let go of it. Then, Friday night, was making a toasted sandwich and managed, somehow, to get the cord from the kettle caught in the sandwich toaster. Next minute - kaboom - big exploding balls of fire in the kitchen. I thought it was the stove at first then realised it was the sandwich toaster. Of course the sandwich toaster was in front of the powerpoint so I was too scared to touch it. Then another kaboom. I ended up getting a plastic water bottle and waving it in the direction of the powerpoint and shutting it off. I was so shaky for hours afterwards.

On Saturday I meet up with a bunch of people I hardly know, had coffees, then left the cafe. Got half way down Brunswick Street and realised I hadn't paid. That was rather embarassing. Had to go back and explain.

I was starting to feel like it was, you know those movies where someone has something wrong with them and you see all these scenes of them doing weird and doppy things so you know that they have some kind of illness or something. Have been getting rather worried about myself.

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