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::15.6.04:: Bitch and Moan

I decided it was a good idea to bring my lunch to work instead of buying overpriced food from the cafe. So today I was heating my soup when it fell over in the microwave and went everywhere. There was so much mess to clean up. Trouble is that people at my work seem to hover in the most awkward places in the kitchen. Seriously there are all these separate areas with tables and chairs but some people were having a team lunch around the main bench instead of taking their food elsewhere.

So I am standing there with this industrial sized glass microwave platter and this girl decides to meticulously wash her coffee mug. If she does the dishes like that at home then she would seriously have no other social life. You would think she could have looked out of the way.

Then I started mopping out the microwave (unlike 50-60% of people in the office who would have left it for the cleaners to do) and people kept standing in front of the bin.

It drives me nuts. I go crazy enough because we have this beautiful new office and lovely kitchens and people are such piggy slobs. They just leave their dirty dishes everywhere... we have like 4 Fisher and Paykel dishdrawers in the kitchen but they can't open a bloody drawer and put their dishes in there.

Then there was this girl this morning -- we get free fruit and bickies in the kitchen -- so she got some paper towel and put like 12 biscuits in it to take back to her desk. I should have said, excuse me but I think other people on this floor might like some of those. What a pig.

And then there is the person who took someone's sandwich out of the fridge and ate half then returned it.

People. Sometimes I just can't deal with them.



I read your site tonight. The whole thing! Both sites!

It's always nice to read about the life of another Melbourne-based writer.

And, after finishing at 1:26 in the morning, I felt compelled to drop you a note.

Great stuff. You're witty, literate, and honest.

Keep up the good work. I shall be forced to link you.




I am scared to leave my food in the fridge at work. Once i was sitting next to this guy who was pissing and moaning about not having any food to eat. It happens to the best of us i know. But within half and hour he was chowing down on a lovely salad sandwich. Then he was eating an icecream. The another. I asked him where he got the food from, and he told me that he had gone to another floor and had taken them from the fridge!

Since then if i do leave something in the fridge, it will be safely tucked away at the back where some useless bachelor doesnt set eyes on it.

And dont even get me started about the toilets and co-workers' cleanliness, or lack thereof!


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