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::2.6.04:: Buffy

Last week I went to Borders with my sister and we found the Buffy Season 7 box sets. Apparently they have just been released.

We ummed and ahhed for a while because the of the $150 investment required. We did think of just getting part 1 but that would be useless. What's the point of watching half a season of Buffy?

So we forked out the cash and had several days of Buffy watching goodness. I was so happy because I had not seen season 7 before and had been avoiding any spoilers until I watched it, including watching Angel.

After the dvds were finished and we watched our final 'grr-ahh' I decided I didn't want to rewatch the season and I should list them on ebay to recoup some money. Thought I would get maybe half my money back. The bidding is up to $112 with a day left. Woohoo! That is cheaper than it would have been if I had found a video shop that had them for hire.

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