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::5.6.04:: Doctor Doctor

I am starting to think the medical system is all wrong. Or maybe it isn't the medical system, maybe it is the way I relate to the medical system.

I don't mean the New Improved Medicare -- does anyone understand that shit anyway? I sure as hell don't. I mean, maybe I could if I took the time to read the booklet that was delivered here but hell that is a goodly chunk of my life wasted. Why not just give more money to doctors who bulk bill? Is that too simple...cause I just don't know, don't want to know, don't care. All I want is to go to the doctors for free. The only thing this new Medicare thing has done is unite my family in our common hatred of gormless people staring into the distance asking questions that are answered by the all-knowing voiceover dude. Ick.

But I digress.

My problem with the medical system is more about the doctor-patient relationship. Most healthy type people probably don't give a rat's arse about their doctor-patient relationship. I never used to. You go in once or twice a year to get a medical certificate for work when you have the flu, maybe get a script for the pill, maybe get that thing that's been worrying you checked out and that's it. The doctor-patient relationship is no closer than the mailperson - mail receiver relationship or the drycleaner - dirty clothes owner relationship.

But not for me. Because I am diabetic I need to have an ongoing relationship with my doctor...in a medical sense that is, not in a kinky fun "let's examine this shall we, oh you have been a bad patient" kinda way because, if you knew my doctor you would be as grossed out as I am by that idea.

Anyway I went to my doctor this week because I had had some tests done. I am the type of person who doesn't just want to know what is going on but why it is going on. My test results weren't good but they weren't consistently bad either. That made me very curious and I asked my doctor a lot of questions that he didn't answer to my satisfaction. His basic response was .. take more medication.

I hate medication and really want to know causes, especially with something like this that is so closely related to diet and lifestyle issues.

It was then that I started questioning why I go to this particular doctor and how I choose him as my doctor in the first place.

If you are like me, you move to a new area and maybe spot a medical clinic nearby. Then you don't think too much more about it until you get sick. You crawl out of bed and phone the first doctor you can think of, a port/storm situation. Then, because you have been to that doctor once you just keep going there.

Hell, I put more thought into selecting a hairdresser than a doctor.

So I have decided I am going doctor shopping. I want to find someone who suits my needs much better. My current doctor is:
* totally against any kind of natural or alternative medicine. He thinks it is completely wrong (because, you know, pumping your body full of drugs and chemicals is so much better).
* always runs at least an hour late for appointments
* has really crappy magazines in the waiting room
* blathers on about irrelevant stuff during my appointments (ie. unmedical related rants about his computer system etc)
* doesn't explain things to me

I want a better doctor/patient relationship and, I figure, the only way to do that is to see other doctors in my area until I find one I am comfortable with.



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Oh yes - He's Dr (Saville) Waid. He's lovely and quite attentive. My doctor actually!! And indeed a better accent you've never heard. :)



Yeah, I've been planning a move for a while, but it seems like such a huge effort - finding a doctor, getting my medical records etc etc. My problem with my current (very good) doctor is his manner, which is quite overbearing. I don't feel comfortable asking the questions I want to ask, or suggesting that maybe he's wrong - the kind of comfort that is so important in order to get good medical care. Good luck in your search!



That's him, Dr Waid. Marvellous bloke. Cheerful and good-natured. Knows his job very well.



Thanks guys... will give him a go :)



Sorry, but I was playing about. I clicked on that little icon to see what would happen and and found out it's a rubbish bin.

Well, deleting your own stuff often shows fine literary judgement. But anyway, here's roughly what I said:

"Try the clinic in Melbourne Road Newport. There's a Pommy doc there, can't think of his name but he has a very cheeky moustache. He's good. The girls here go to him all the time."

(And, may I add, girls aren't always fine literary judges, but when it comes to judging a bedside manner they're unbeatable.)


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