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I joined the local gym recently and, after a lot of hassles getting doctor's certificates and things, had an assessment and got my fitness program.

When the guy doing my fitness assesment asked me what diabetes was I got a bit worried. When he asked me the same question after I'd just finished answering it I got a bit worried. When I went to get my program and he had me doing some really intense jogging activities I got a lot worried.

I stewed on it for a couple of days, thinking I could just ignore the program and do my own thing, but today I thought stuff it. I paid to not just join the gym but to get the assesment and program, I'd told him my goals and needs and he had just ignored them. One of my main goals was to get my diabetes under control. That needs long periods of low intensity exercise, not short bursts of full on intensity (ie. 10 minutes of jogging). I rang the gym and asked to speak to the manager. I told him my concerns.

The manager was lovely. He agreed with my concerns and thanked me for ringing and letting him know. I got another assessment done tonight with another instructor and am very inspired now.



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