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I went to a friend's place for dinner last night. She was having a French dinner party. I was trying to watch what I eat because my blood sugar has been so high lately but that would have meant the only thing I could have eaten is the water crackers served with the pate.

I think I injested my yearly allowance of fat last night. Not to mention probably my yearly allowance of alcohol too. So today I am suffering for it. It is 10.00pm and I am only just out of bed.

I feel lousy, really lousy. Hangovers and post-alcholic binge remorse are bad enough on their own without the feeling of causing permanent degenerative damage to body organs through excessive blood sugar levels. All day, well the bits of it I have been awake, the phrase 'I deserve better than this' has been running through my head. I think the time has come for an aggressive diet and exercise approach.

Now all I have to worry about are the stupid things I said and did in my alcoholic haze.



post binge :when you're up to it try eating porridge in the morning;low gi has good effect on blood sugar especially if you try to have it everyday,one of my family has diabetes so i sympathise ,it's damn hard sometimes.Take care



Porridge sounds like a damn fine idea. I was thinking about apples for their low GIness but the level of chewing involved was just far too much for me to handle yesterday. Will definitely give the porridge a go.



Well, you naughty thing (slap slap). The diet police would say I've already ingested FIVE lifetimes allowance of fat and booze. But then, I can laugh. Everyone knows you only live ONCE.


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