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::8.6.04:: Once apon a time ... in Barcelona

As the sun was rising, we went to a garage where the cars had been covered by tarps and people were dancing. The smell of oil mixed with the flashing disco lights and the doof-doof music.

A girl swirled around with a boa made of turkey feathers - iridescent black with hints of blue and green. For a moment it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I told her so and she gave it to me. I didn't know if it was meant to be for a loan or forever.

A boy glazed at me and asked "You are?" I told him I was fabulous but he was asking my name not my state of mine. For the rest of the night I was known simlply as "fabulous".

I chatted to drag queens in the international language of "great shoes" and danced and drank until it got too late to stay.

I returned the turkey boa and headed back my hotel. The road back was lined with locals waiting for celebrities who were opening a Planet Hollywood but, for a moment, I thought they were cheering for me.



I thought only transvestites wore a boa.

In Barcelona I wondered why everyone was walking around banging their wrist. Then I bought one of those cheap watches they sell there. Soon I was walking around banging my wrist. Damn thing kept stopping. On the boat to Genoa I unfastened the thing and let it slip into the drink. Goodbye Barcelona.


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