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The following post is about girlie stuff like periods so if you are uncomfortable with that then maybe you should stop reading and go away and question why you aren't comfortable with something that is just a normal part of life. Why do people, guys especially, freak out about periods? I mean they have some pretty gross fluids come out of their bodies too you know.

Last night I went to the local supermarket to get a few things including tampons. They had a whole display of pad and liners, about 50 different types, but no tampons. I search around thinking that they might have put the tampons somewhere else although I couldn't imagine why. I couldn't find a single box of tampons anywhere.

I wonder if it is because the owners are Vietnamese. I remember spending a day running around Saigon trying to find tampons when I was on holidays. Tampons aren't used that much there apparently. I finally found some in a mini-supermarket for Westerners, thank goodness.

Anyway, I regret now that I didn't ask about tampons at my local supermarket. Maybe everyone that goes to buy them is too embarassed to ask and the owners don't realise that there is a demand for tampons amongst their customers.



It's a telescope!

No! It's a telescope WITH A MOUSE IN IT.

Ahh. Young Ones quotes. Perfect for every occasion.



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