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I have been feeling guilty because I seem to have spent the entire weekend in my pyjamas at the computer.  Then I was going through my to-do (I keep a monthly to-do list of writing type activities so I don't be a slack-arse) and found myself crossing quite a lot off. 
Mostly I have been doing things for my new project - http://www.lustre-magazine.com.  At the moment I am trying to get some kind of financial support so I can pay writers.  Paying writers is a very important thing.  If you know of any businesses that could be enticed to advertise in a high quality erotica webzine then let me know.



I know just how you feel. I'm still sitting in PJ's here and it's after 1 pm already!! I need to get moving!!



How about Bliss on Lonsdale St? Maureen might be up for that sort of thing - I remember she used to sponsor Biblio Eroticus zine when it was still around.

Or maybe Adultshop? (The reason I suggest both Bliss and Adultshop, btw, is that both businesses seem to be staffed by women, which is a cool thing.)


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