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It seems this year I am the taxman's bitch. He has me leather-bound to the bed posts while he penetrates every orifice.

I am reeling from the knowledge that, after spending most of this year totally skint (see any entry from earlier this financial year for an example about my poverty striken whinges), I enter up owing the tax office money. For a few months there I thought that I would be living in my car.

Since then I have worked my arse off to pay my debts. Working two jobs at times. I wonder why I bothered. The more you work, the more they tax you.

I don't know how this has happened. Maybe I should go check the figures one more time or look for stray receipts for charitable donations.



that's what my boy found out.. he worked a night job plus his normal day job and found the more he earned the more he got taxed. he ended up leaving the night job. it wasn't worth it.

friggen tax office :(

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