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Tonight a friend and I went to see Cyndi Lauper. We got the tickets ages ago -- well he and his partner got the tickets but his partner gave me his ticket because I wanted to go. Since then I hadn't really thought about it much.

I got home from after work drinks and raced around getting ready then headed back into town. Waited for my train, my train was cancelled, bitched about the ever worsening train services with other girls on the platform and finally made it to the city (seems the cancelled train is a standard part of any trip on public transport nowadays).

We got to the arts centre and got drinks then headed back outside for a cigarette. A woman approached me to see if I had a spare ciggie. Normally my response varies from a curt - no - to a - buy your own you scumbag - depending on my mood (I have broken myself of the habit of apologising to the cigarette scumming public of Melbourne). In this case though the woman seemed geniune and she offered to pay so I gave her one. We got talking. She was with her daughter and niece and the three of them are diehard Cyndi fans. They have seen her every time she has toured, got all the albums, etc.

They told us we were guaranteed to have a great night and I started to feel excited.

A few glasses of wine later my new friend was determined to set me up with her son because she wanted me for a daughter-in-law. She asked me to visit her in Wodonga to which her daughter said -- there's nothing to see in Wodonga but you, Mum, and Niagra Falls you aint. I was very amused by that.

We finally got inside. Our seats were 6 rows from the front... woohoo! The show started and we perched ourselves up on a ledge for the best view in the house until security told us to get down. I have no idea why they did that but hey, that's what security are for I guess.

There were many highlights of the night -- the french cabaret style version of She Bop, complete with piano accordian, the witty ancedotes between songs, seeing our new friend push up to the front to tell Cyndi she had missed her then, in the middle of Money Changes Everything Cyndi came down off the stage and stood on the chair in front of us. It was a splendid momement but rather distracting. I have never had anyone sing that close to me before, except some roving buskers in Bali and that was different because we were screaming at them to piss off but they decided through some twisted logic that because we were Australian we would really like it if they sang All My Lovin'. OK. But we sure weren't telling Cyndi to piss off. And she sure wasn't singing All My Lovin'.

But you know what I loved best about Cyndi... when everyone was calling out for Goonies during the encore she sang it for us. And you know what I love best about Cyndi's fans -- they were calling out for Goonies during the encore, not Girls Just Wanna.

There was only one streaky stain on my sparkly gold night. What the fuck do people think they are doing taken flash photos in the middle of a concert? For starters...hello... what good do you think your crappy little camera flash is going to do when you are seated in the 10th row? Moron. Yeah nice lit up photo of the guy in front of you's head. Do these people ever think that maybe their flashes aren't just annoying but might give some people really bad headaches. I wanted to insert every single flash camera up the user's rectum by the end of the night.



I am so jealous. I wanted to see Cyndi Lauper so, so, so badly - but unfortunately, TISM fell on the same night. And, well - I have no choice but to support my boys. It sounds like it was awesome - and to have her come down and sing 'Money Changes Everything' in front of you.. you lucky thing!

Actually, 'She's So Unusual' is a truly, truly great record. Wasn't every song on it a single at some point?



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