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::11.8.04:: Bong On!

My mum has just moved into a new house and the real estate agent, in typical RE agent fashion, has been a complete cow. She works at the only estate agency in a small town with a housing crisis and the all-mighty power has gone to her head big time. She is such a bitch. She has been mucking Mum around big time and just being incredibly painful about every little thing. Like I said, typical real estate agent.

So anyway, my mum has been living in this house for a few weeks and decided to use the cupboard above the hot water cylinder. Seems the previous tenant (who had left the house in a mess despite the real estate agent claim it was immaculate) had forgotten a few items - a can of dog food, a bottle of water and, tucked away at the back of the cupboard, a very used and well-loved bong.

Now Mum's no prude when it comes to pot, and she can really see the funny side of it, but when she goes down to the real estate office tomorrow you can bet your arse that she is going to become the most conservative, bible-bashing, "just say no" anti-drugs uptight bitch imaginable. I just wish I could be there to witness it.



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