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::23.8.04:: Dreams

It's 3.00 in the morning and I've just woken up. I had weird dreams, weird dreams about my Nan and my Mum. In my dream I was about to turn on the computer then I woke up. So I got up and turned on the computer, thinking there was some kind of message for me but, of course, life never works out that neatly. Now I'm shaky and a bit freaked...a post-dream hangover...and I keep expecting to see a white, ghost lady at my windows.

It has been a weird day all over. I've been freaked and scared and sad since the afternoon for no apparent reason. Now I don't know whether to go back to bed or try to do something to steady my nerves.

I want to ring my mum and make sure everything's alright but I don't think she'd appreciate a call at 3 am.

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